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Custom Rehab Programs

A place for athletes to rehab injuries, decrease recovery time, remain healthy, and stay in the game.

Serving Fountain Valley + Irvine 

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Treatment Sessions

Have a nagging pain or injury? Meet with a certified ATC for a treatment session. Treatment sessions include everything from rehab exercises, use of modalities, manual therapy and more depending on the injury/pain.


Recovery Packages

Monthly recovery packages that include a hybrid of treatment sessions + access to our recovery tools such as:

Infrared Light therapy, Normatec compression boots, Cold plunge therapy, and more.


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We highly recommend Kero and Fast-Twitch Sports Medicine!

Fast-Twitch Sports Medicine has helped both of my children through knee and ankle injuries. Kero is a consummate professional and truly cares about the patient and their health. His goal is to get the athlete out of pain and back to the game by evaluating and rehabilitating

as judiciously as possible. We highly recommend Kero and Fast-Twitch Sports Medicine!

Pamela Miller Nolte

Guaranteed to get you back doing what you love!

I’ve played water polo for 8 years now, and just like many sports you pick up your fair share of injuries and issues from over using certain muscles. For the past year I had been attempting to nurse two injured shoulders on my own and through my medical provider but with 

little success and no improvement pain wise to the point where I had to leave the pool completely. Fast forward to the past three weeks of rehab at fast twitch and all I can say is wow. Kero is a professional who doesn’t deal in bs or try to keep you around in hopes of draining your wallet. It is blatantly obvious how knowledgeable the entire staff is, and like another review said, you leave your sessions feeling both stronger and more knowledgable. Fast twitch is affordable, and guaranteed to get you back doing what you love! Can’t express it enough, these guys are great!

Josiah Brimmage

Go get your body right!

After being a college athlete for 4 years, having my body beat up and plenty of injuries along the way. I have been struggling to stay pain free working out along with a long recovery from a big shoulder surgery and needless to say… Fast Twitch saved my body!! 

Kero is awesome and so knowledgeable. He isn’t one of those people who just pretends he knows what’s going on with your body. He takes you through tests and gets to know your history. He explains everything he is doing and how it works and why it is beneficial. You end up leaving there smarter and feeling 100% better. Anyone who is experiencing injuries, soreness or just needs some overall physical fitness help and knowledge, this is the place and Kero is your man!! I swear by this and him. Go get your body right.

Lauren Aronson

I felt extremely comfortable and well taken care of.

I have seen Kero a few times now for treatment on my neck and lower back. Both times I came into the session with a lot of pain and little mobility. Throughout the session I felt extremely comfortable and well taken care of. 

Kero was well equipped with the knowledge and skill to address my injuries and I left feeling a night and day difference in pain levels as well as uplifted from great conversation. If you’re in the area and need some work done- I couldn’t recommend him enough!

McKenna Thibodeau


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