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They’re the real deal!!!

I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the staff and training at this facility! They customized a program that was tailored to my athletic goals and gave me the confidence and support in the gym that I’ve never experienced before. They’re the real deal!! 

McKenna Thibodeau

Bigger, stronger, and faster

My son is a 14 year old ice hockey player (defenseman) with the Jr Ducks. He had a goal this off-season of playing for an A-level team. So we began a strength training program with Josh and his staff back in April, with the goal of getting bigger, stronger, and faster… 

The staff have done a great job with him this off-season, as he was approached by the A-team coach, before the tryouts even began, to secure a spot on the roster. He put on about 15 pounds of muscle, and became even faster on the ice. He also has a lot more confidence. He played his first game of the season in a tournament over Labor Day weekend, and was easily the most physical player on the ice. He also scored a goal in the first game as well. I had several parents come up to me after the game and ask, “What are you feeding that kid? He’s like a completely different player this season!” I had a couple other parents say that they thought he was easily the best player on the ice this weekend. That is a tribute to the staff and how hard he has worked. He really enjoys his workouts, and looks forward to them. They definitely have instilled a passion in him for working out.

Dan Brummett
Local Guide

I can’t recommend them enough to athletes!

My Athlete has been training with OC Fast Twitch for 3 years. I haven’t experienced any trainers out there like the trainers here. They take each individual and put together a program that will help strengthen your athlete and get them to reach their goals. The improvement…

to her strength, agility, endurance and overall mental health has been key to her reaching her goal and getting the opportunity to play at the college level. My daughter looks forward to each training session with Fast Twitch trainers. They are always professional, extremely knowledgeable, and just all around great people. I can’t recommend them enough to athletes!

Jen White

Every single training session (is) productive, engaging, and fun.

I trained with OC fast twitch for almost 2 years and can not recommend this place enough! The trainers and staff are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about bettering their athletes. I always felt that they were doing everything they could to elevate…

my game, prepare me for competition, and challenge me physically and mentally. After just one session, you will get a feel for the innovative, customized and intentional programs they make for each athlete. The staff makes every single training session productive, engaging, and fun. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent here!

Madison Willis

Knowledge, Experience and Ability!

I’m currently coming back from an ankle surgery and feel confident I can get back to my sport (pro beach volleyball) efficiently with OCFT and the trainers that have the knowledge, experience and ability to meet me where I’m at….

I’ve come out of being bedridden and am genuinely excited to drive 45 mins from the South Bay to train with a purpose. I trained with them last season and was definitely more prepared than ever without worrying about overtraining during season.

Jessica McGuire

I have really enjoyed working with the team at OC Fast-Twitch!

They have helped fix several specific issues I have had with injuries in the past and have helped me continue to be pain free in my sport. I have appreciated how detail oriented they are with putting strength…

programs together that are specific to my needs for my sport.

Allie Wheeler